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A Senior Citizen that struggles to eat and maintain shelter. A Veteran who has fought for our freedom is struggling and homeless. An individual that battles the financial, physical and emotional challenges associated with a disability. These real situations require the actions of others like us…and you!

Through the compassionate support of our contributors, we help seniors, veterans and the disabled that don’t have sufficient resources in the areas of shelter, food, medicine and general support. Our supporters truly understand the value of their participation. They realize that together we can provide the dignity and quality of life that many are living without. and that absolutely no one should live their life in an impoverished manner. Even a small gift can make a big impact. Donate now to make an impact.

Welcome to the Senior Support Network, a 501c3 charitable organization located in Westlake, Ohio. Through the compassionate support of our contributors, we help Seniors, Veterans and the Disabled that don’t have sufficient resources in the areas of finance, shelter, food, medicine and general support. Our supporters truly understand the value of their participation. They realize the dignity and quality of life that together we can provide. That absolutely no one should have to live their life in an impoverished manner. That even a small gift can make a big impact.


The mission of Senior Support Network is to empower older adults to live with purpose, independence and well-being.


Experience for more than 30 years has allowed the Senior Support Network to build a significant sphere of influence within the older adult community.  Today, the Network is looking to advance its mission by utilizing that experience to first assess what seniors require  to improve and maintain their social, emotional and physical health and then put it into action.


Established in 1980 by the residents of our House, a senior living community with congregate independent and assisted living care, the Senior Support Network began with one simple focus: to make the lives of older adults happier. In its 20 years, the Network has utilized its resources to increase the quality of life for hundreds of seniors in living more fulfilling lives.

Initially, this no-profit organization educated seniors with basic wellness education and a variety of entertaining programs. Throughout the years the Network has evolved as the needs of older adults have changed, growing in scope to address healthcare, financial support, and other issues this growing population has come to face.

Our program is powerful and focuses on the following areas:

Financial Support for Medication

For an older adult’s fixed income budget, the cost of medication can be an overwhelming expense.  Recognizing this challenge as one of the most significant our seniors face, the Senior Support Network is developing a program that will provide the senior community with access to software able to match an individual’s medication requirements with their financial need.  Utilizing information and resources from pharmaceutical and alternative financial assistance programs, this program will ultimately make medications for seniors more accessible.

Available Care Education and Community Support

Navigating the maze of care available to seniors is an unbelievably daunting task.  This task becomes even more imposing when there is a need for crisis placement.  The Senior Support Network’s 30 years of experience in collaborating with senior programs, agencies, and care facilities makes it uniquely qualified to develop a program that will educate and support seniors, their families, and caregivers regarding the choices, options and levels of care available in the community.

Available Financial Support

While financial resources for seniors are varying available, however accessing them in an effective and efficient manner ban be frustrating and challenging experience.  The Senior Support Network has a wider array of information that once developed into a program, will ultimately provide seniors and their caregivers with access to financial support programs and trust monies that are currently available within the community for short or long term financial assistance.

Senior Support Network Financial Provisions

When monetary stress has exhausted all financial avenues, it has been the Senior Support Network’s privilege to be in a position to provide assistance to someone in need.  With contributions from other like-minded organizations and private funders, the Network would like to be able to extend its reach to assist the seniors that come to us requiring financial resources.

Chris Zito

Chris Zito is a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio currently residing in Rocky River, Ohio with his wife Chari. Chris and his wife are avid boaters and 35- years members of the Cleveland Yachting Club.  From 1980-1989 Chris served as President of Suburban West Agency with Zito Insurance Agency where Chris is Managing Director.

Chris contributes his times and talents to the community through his non-profit board affiliations:

Board Member: Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute Leadership Board
Board Chair: Our Lady of the Wayside ( 2001-2005, 2008-2010 & 2017 present)
Board Chair: Senior Support Network, Westlake Ohio
Board Member, Secretary, Executive Committee, and former Chair of finance Committee: Baldwin Wallace University
Board Member: Cleveland Yachting Club

Joanne Abbott

Joanne Abbott is an attorney experienced in defense acquisition, federal contracting, leading technology commercialization, and creating private-public partnerships. She earned a B.A. in business and a Doctorate degree in Jurisprudence.

Her government experience started as a NASA Contracting Officer for the development and launch of multi-billion dollar advanced technology programs. Later as a NASA Program Manger, she led a national effort with the Defense Department and industry to commercialize new technology to benefit the U.S. economy. During this she established two ( Other Transaction Authority) consortia, one for advanced space communications, the other for ultra-high temperature materials.

Industry experience includes an executive position with a Clinical Research Organization where she developed business and solved problems with customers at the program executive level within the National Institutes of Health. Later, working with a state economic development organization, her due diligence assessments and executive coaching enabled five start-up medical based businesses to receive venture capital investments.

For over 5 years, she was a Professor- and the only subject-matter-expert on Other Transaction (OT) Authority- at the Defense Acquisition University where she also developed courses and instructed.

As a sought after speaker, she has presented at more than 40 national conferences including the American Bar Association’s 2018 Annual Conference.  She has briefed U.S. Senators and has presented government-industry partnership strategies to cabinet executives at the White House.

Todd Schrader

Todd Schrader has been practicing law for over 20 years and joined Seeley Savidge Ebert & Gourash in 2013.One of his positions prior to joining SSEG was serving as in-house counsel with a well-known suburban Cleveland, Ohio real estate developer. Todd also served as sole in-house counsel with one of the nation’s largest privately-held industrial sales and rental organizations headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mr. Schrader’s practice emphasis includes commercial, industrial, multi-family, and residential real estate matters; formation, governance, management, but-sell matters, etc. related to corporations and limited liability companies; complex debtor-creditor and distressed asset/ workout matters; counseling closely-held business entities on asset protection and business succession strategies.

Some of Todd’s successes while at SSEG include negotiating the acquistion of land for a large acreage retail complex; facilitating the manger of two medium-size accounting firms; facilitating business succession plans with multi-generational, privately-held entities; assisting with ownership and governance chorganizations across broad and diverse spectrum of industries; successful negotiation of workout arrangements for many organizations suffering financial or organizational distress.

Todd has also been the featured speaker to the public as well as professionals on real estate and limited liability company matters.

Todd and his family are active members of St. Colette’s Parish in Brunswick, Ohio and he is a musician when not practicing law. In his spare time, Todd enjoys golfing, hunting, reading, musical endeavors, and spending time with his wife and their two children.