Through the compassionate support of our contributors, we help Seniors, Veterans and the Disabled that don’t have sufficient resources in the areas of finance, shelter, food, medicine and general support. Our supporters truly understand the value of their participation. Their stories are varied, sometimes desperate and frightening but thanks to individuals like you the Senior Support Network has made a positive impact in these lives with many more to help!

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Think about your father, your sister or your neighbor. What if they were unable to provide the basic shelter and food needs with the money they have each month? What if it was your aunt or your mother or a veteran you know? We are here so you can make a difference right now. If you are interested in making a gift call Marguerite Van Derwyst to talk about how we can embrace your generosity. Call 440-835-2110 or please pledge online.

For more information on becoming a donor, visit our Support Us page or call us at 440-835-2110 today.