Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Through the compassionate support of our contributors, we help Seniors, Veterans and the Disabled that don’t have sufficient resources in the areas of finance, shelter, food, medicine and general support. Our supporters truly understand the value of their participation. Their stories are varied, sometimes desperate and frightening but thanks to individuals like you the Senior Support Network has made a positive impact in these lives with many more to help!

Disabled Community:

Jerry D– age 62, suffers mental health diagnosed in early adulthood paranoid schizophrenia and anxiety disorder – monthly shortfall – $750/month for life

Betty Z – age 76, bipolar, major depression, cerebral vascular disease, deep vein thrombosis, cva, monthly shortfall – $950/month for life

Veterans Community:

Doug D – Veteran age 57, brain injury, financial remedy – $820/mo for life

Paul L– Veteran, age 62, severe dementia financial remedy – $1200/mo for life

Seniors Community:

Deanna R – age 65, was RN, traumatic brain injury, has Social Security, monthly shortfall $1000 / month for life

Your gift means two things: you’ll know you feel better because you made a difference and one of these people will feel better too! Go to our Support US page to make your gift…